Ive always loved to cook from the first time my mum taught me one sunday morning before I went back to Uni after a weekend at home. It was a basic chicken Curry.

I thought, yes this is easy then went back to my friends the following day in Sheffield where I was at Uni and cooked a curry....it took 4 hours and I burnt it!!

But i learnt and had a passion for cooking and making new recipes.

So, after my older son went to Uni and the difficulties of not seeing my younger son, I decided to start this and create and provide homecooked style punjabi food just what we eat at home which I love and am very passionate about

So take a look through the site and try our food sometime, its from the heart. As Luther Vandross says... you cant get never too much ...indian food!!



Mr Singh Curry King

 How it Began....

Here at Mr Singh Curry King we make life simple.

We will deliver to your door a meal for two as per our set menu so you can enjoy the delicious flavours of homecooked style Punjabi Food

Our menu changes every week and what we deliver is tasty traditional food 

Food fit for a Prime Minister!